Designed specifically for manufacturing test environments, the onTAP Manufacturing Test Only (MTO) System is the ideal complement to the onTAP Development System.

Designed specifically for manufacturing test environments, the onTAP Manufacturing Test Only (MTO) System is the ideal complement to the onTAP Development System.

The MTO restricts access to test development and test files, yet enables users to run any predeveloped onTAP boundary scan / JTAG tests, including memory cluster tests and Flash programming, when activated.  The MTO also provides access to ProScan, the graphical debugging environment for onTAP. Users have access to accurate pin-level diagnostics and debug features, such as the netlist browser, test reports, and low-level pin access for toggling pins, to speed up the manufacturing process and ensure accuracy.

Run proven JTAG tests worry free with onTAP

  • Run any predeveloped onTAP Tests
  • Program Flash
  • Memory Cluster Testing
  • Graphical debug
  • Pin-level diagnostic messages: View .fail messages file
  • Start Folder: Specifies a default folder to appear in the Project section when the Manufacturing Test screen is first selected.
  • Save Test Reports: Saves .test and .fail test report files
  • Scan Test Retries on Failure: Repeat failing tests the indicated number of times or until a pass occurs to help diagnose possible TAP registry problems, or other unknown conditions.
  • Max Fails: Set a maximum number of allowed failures, after which a test is stopped
  • Burn-in: Enable or terminate burn-in
  • Loop: Allow tests to be looped independently of burn-in

ProScan enabled!

onTAP Manufacturing Product Brief 

Secure and Accurate Tests for the Manufacturing Environment

Run all predeveloped onTAP tests with the MTO.  You can always reopen, reuse, rerun, and save test reports allowing the development team to adjust the tests as needed. This feature is especially helpful in situations when your netlist changes as you move through prototyping.  The essential purpose of onTAP is to test-to-print, and program flash.The MTO safeguards against accidental changes to the test settings.  All changes to the test must occur in the onTAP Development Environment, ensuring test integrity.  Otherwise, all tests and programming functions can be performed using the onTAP MTO.

Flexible and Reusable Tests: Memory Cluster Tests and Flash Programming (ISP)

Cluster test and Flash programming allows non-scan devices such as, DDR2 memory and flash memory, accessible from JTAG scan pins to be tested and programmed. Flynn Systems maintains an extensive library of flexible and reusable Digital Test Syntax (DTS) models and will make models, tailored to your needs, on request.

Pin-level Diagnostics and Netlist Browser

With the MTO, tests are usually run on the Manufacturing screen.  In addition, the ProScan debug environment is availaible to show test details in relation to the circuit netlist.  Pin wiggling capability is available to manually switch pin values, helpful for debug purposes.The ProScan screen shows test results overlaid on the netlist with pin-level diagnostic messages that lead you to the exact location of the faults.  The built-in netlist browser allows you to drill down through the netlist to achieve greater visibility in the connections on the board, helping you better trace the problem.

Flexible and Reusable Cluster Test and Flash Models

All models are developed using the C-like DTS language.  Flynn Systems uses this language because of its ease-of-use, flexibility and familiarity.  Rather than building individual, unique models for each device type in a family, DTS models enable simple edits to basic family models and to cover a large number of devices. All of these models and their changes are saved in your project folder, and can be re-used  from one project to the next on-the-fly because they are not project specific.Learn more about creating DTS models


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