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JTAG STIL Player (Version 1.1.0041)

The JTAG STIL Player applies STIL files (IEEE Std 1450) to JTAG (IEEE Std 1149.x) ports and reports test results in a ribbon-style Windows UI with docking panels.  The Player relates STIL Macros to JTAG state changes,  BSDL file register selections, as well as data written to and from target device registers.  When a STIL file is played, a JTAG protocol file is produced showing each STIL instruction in terms of JTAG nomenclature. The bit positions of failing register data are flagged so one mouse click navigates back to source instructions in a STIL file or locations in a JTAG protocol file.

The UI organizes projects and files and provides a variety of viewing and test tools such as an ability to set breakpoints and single-step for test and debug purposes.  The software can be downloaded for evaluation and a related USB-based JTAG controller and eval license is available at sales@flynnsystems.com.  Licensing is perpetual and includes one year of technical support. Annual technical support is also available.  Installation is via a digitally signed Microsoft .msi file.

JTAG Stil Player Build Log

Build 1.1.0041

  • Adds TCK rate control, accessible in the TCK Rate drop down menu in the Controllers docking panel.
Build 1.1.0040
  • Correct problem with soft resets, five or more TCK cycles while TMS is at logic one, when coded in STIL Loops.
Build 1.1.0039
  • Build numbers 1.1.0033-1.1.0038 were skipped for admin purposes.
  • Corrects problem where Macros could be skipped during test execution.
  • The default procedure has been changed to run all vectors in a loop but to only include the first few in the JTAG protocol analysis.
  • No crash condition found after checking multiple test case files for reported crash.
Build 1.1.0032
  • Updates referencing of STIL line numbers between views so that clicking on a line in the JTAG Protocol view or Vectors view will highlight the corresponding line in the STIL view.
  • Corrects problem where Macros or Vectors included in Loops could could be run outside of a loop.
Build 1.1.0031
  • Runs loops and corrects clocking in Tessent files.
  • Adds Ribbon menu items to discard repeat vectors in loops and to limit loop size.
  • Reduces execution time when running STIL file.
Build 1.1.0029

Build 1.1.0026

  • Adds support for Tessent style test patterns.
Build 1.1.0025
  • Upgrades BSDL port and boundary register cell syntax checking in compliance with IEEE 1149.1 2013 Para B.8.14.1.u.
    (Partial Test Suite Validated)
Build 1.1.0024
  • Adds a configuration file that assigns TAP pin signal names for each STIL file. Default signal names are assigned to TAP pins based on contents of a STIL file’s accompanying signals file. Defaults can be overridden by editing the TAP Config File settings on the Controllers docking panel. The settings are saved/restored from a config_.txt file maintained in a project’s project_files subdirectory.
  • Adjusts STIL Player and onTAP software so that the two applications can be open simultaneously, share the same JTAG controller, and run simultaneously providing different controller channels are assigned in the STIL Player and onTAP applications.
  • Upgrades Test the TAP Pin I/O tool on the Controllers docking panel.

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JTAG STIL Player Download

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