Founded in 1986

The Journey of onTAP

Flynn Systems remains a preferred supplier of IEEE 1149.1 compliant boundary scan / JTAG solutions and automatic test generation solutions for ATE systems.
Founded in 1986 to provide cost effective automatic test vectors, Flynn Systems leveraged its knowledge and experience with its legacy product, FS-ATG, as the premier supplier of ATG vectors, to develop its flagship product onTAP® in 1998.

Widely recognized as a company that delivers high-level test and programming solutions with exceptional customer support, Flynn Systems develops strong partnerships to assist with the development of automatic test generation tools for designers, developers, and manufacturers of electronics world-wide.

Created 10 years ago, onTAP continues to deliver exceptional value through its comprehensive, automated, feature rich, boundary scan solution that significantly increases your productivity while decreasing your time to market.

onTAP’s value is delivering the most complete and affordable boundary scan / JTAG solution available for designers, developers, and manufacturers of printed circuit boards. onTAP offers a range of solutions for all boundary scan situations including turnkey solutions. It enables all users to utilise the same platform with flexible and completely re-usable tests through-out the entire product lifecycle.

You can rely on Flynn Systems and onTAP to work with you to bring your electronics to market with the highest, most comprehensive test fault coverage possble. We will work with you to ensure your boundary scan / JTAG test strategy is complete, fast, and accurate so you can deliver your products with confidence.

To provide the best possible customer service, onTAP is sold directly and through our European distributors. Please visit our distributors page to learn more.

FS-ATG Automatic Test Vector Generation Software automates the generation of functional test vectors for testing programmable logic devices (PLDs, CPLDs, and FPGAs) on in-circuit Test Equipment (ATE).






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