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onTAP Series 4000 Software Product Briefs

Series 4000 Overview

An overview of onTAP’s capabilities and features within onTAP Series 4000.

onTAP Development

Information about the complete boundary scan solution and how onTAP helps speed test development and increase test fault coverage. Gain visibility in difficult to access and potentially trouble causing areas of your board. Distill accurate, pin-level diagnostics from noisy electrical environments, particularly common on IEEE 1149.6 tests.

onTAP Supported Cluster & Flash Models

Flynn Systems works hard to maintain a current list of working and verified models of all types of memory, flash, and discreet components. All the models are built using the DTS Language and are not project specific. Our models are flexible, easy to modify, and completely re-usable. Models for DDR4, DDR3, DDR2, EEPROM, I2C, NAND and other popular devices are available within the onTAP Software at no additional cost. Contact Flynn Systems’ Support group to inquire about having a model built.

onTAP ProScan

This overview of the new graphical debug environment for onTAP Series 4000 provides information showing how ProScan improves your test development and manufacturing testing. Contact Flynn Systems’ Support group ( to inquire about your device or having a model built.

onTAP Manufacturing

Learn about how onTAP provides an upgrade path and that fits your manufacturing test and FLASH programming needs.


The onTAP DLL runs with third-party test executives, expanding your test capability.

onTAP Network License Manager

The onTAP Network License Manager increases boundary scan test flexibility and productivity by enabling users to share JTAG tests and licenses across a network when and where they are needed.

onTAP Turnkey Solution

Learn how onTAP and Flynn Systems works with you as a partner to maximize test fault coverage, speed test development, time to market, and maximizes your ROI.

onTAP Technical Support

Get more information on the benefits of maintaining a current Flynn Systems Technical Support agreement.

onTAP Supported Netlist Readers

*onTAP supports over two dozen netlists. Here is a list of netlist readers currently available. If your netlist is not seen, contact have the ability to make and add netlist translators and models for your project.

onTAP Product Features and Screen Tour

Application Notes

Developing an Interconnect Test

Learn how to develop interconnect tests and maximize test fault coverage with onTAP.

Cluster Testing & Non-Scan Devices

onTAP handles memory and other non-scan devices, such as I2C buses, giving you precise, pin-level diagnostics on non-scan devices.

Flash Programming

onTAP programs flash devices, and calculates an estimated programming time.

Creating DTS Models

Use the information in this document to better understand the DTS language and how to adjust onTAP DTS models.

Bus Management

Learn how to boost fault coverage by testing circuits between pins.

Managing Modules

Easily incorporate module in your test development, maximize test fault coverage.

onTAP Test Types

Discover what onTAP can do, and how it’s proprietary test methods will help you get the most out of your boundary scan test strategy.


appXam creates boundary scan tests and diagnostics based on qualified application mode signals such as those found in a user’s functional tests.

appXam uses application mode signal activity to quickly extend boundary scan fault coverage and diagnostics. The signal activity on a target board may simply be idle mode activity available from system clocks, or it may be purposeful activity created by a system program, for example to read DDR or flash memory. appXam provides the tools to capture this activity and then automatically create test models and add them along with diagnostic messages to a test suite.

Multi-UUT Manager

onTAP’s Multi-UUT Manager tool provides a method to duplicate tests when an application requires multiple test boards (UUTs) be tested at one time. This tool allows a developer to create a single set of tests and then duplicate them for as many UUTs as will be tested together.


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