circuit trace Tutorials

circuit trace Tutorials

circuit trace works with or without CAD netlists and lets you quickly and easily measure and control boundary scan pins on your PC boards. With circuit trace, you can debug, test, and program your circuit boards — especially those boards that have limited test access for oscilloscopes and logic analyzers. Traced circuit results can be saved and serve as the basis for go/no-go testing with precision diagnostics. Script programming enables scannable pins to test non-JTAG components and to customize boundary-scan applications.

circuit trace‘s features and tools include:

  • Pin Guards
  • Context help
  • JAM/STAPL Player
  • BSDL Syntax Checking
  • Auto JTAG Chain Detection
  • PWR & GND net assignments
  • Serial Vector File (SVF) runner
  • Application signal monitoring
  • File organization and viewing
  • Segmented registers control panel
  • GPIO control of JTAG controller pins
  • USB 30MHz Dual Channel JTAG controller
  • Individual scan pin selection and wiggling.
  • Multiple project organization and selection
  • Windows ribbon menu to organize and categorize application
  • Script programming with flow control, pin-group variables, breakpoints and watch values
  • Test Access Port (TAP) tests including measurements for IDCODE and boundary register length
  • Windows docking panels facilitate showing netlists, JTAG controller information, and file information
  • Circuit netlists are presented in browsable tree format so that individual scan pins can be selected to examine and trace all circuit connections.

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circuit trace Video Tutorials

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