Testing your Boards with Boundary Scan

May 21, 2021

There are many different options out there to be testing boards when it comes to the design and manufacturing process of various products. However, we believe that using a boundary scan/JTAG test is the best way to test your boards and have compiled a few reasons why. 

There are quite a few restrictions that are placed on testing devices, particularly ones like bed-of-nails since it requires physical contact with the board itself and can leave marks on the testing site. It is also expensive, time consuming, and does not make it easy to figure out exactly where the problem is. Our boundary scan solution is a user friendly interface that does not require direct access to be useful and is much smaller in size than other traditional units. 

Testing new products, especially in the initial design phase can be costly, both in time and money. To reduce this, boundary scan eliminates the extensive periods of time spent on set up and the test itself. Our product is an incredible affordable solution and our onTAP JTAG test controllers are also dual channel and cut testing time by 30%. We also provide our five star customer support to answer your questions about setting up and running JTAG boundary scans or any other of our products throughout its lifetime. 

Boundary scan technology is straightforward and simple, and can run across several boards and pinpoint exactly where the problem is. It is a multipurpose tool for both testing and programming, eliminating the need for multiple products to accomplish the same result. Boundary Scan Test Software is able to work alongside the test results to deliver accurate results to the engineer. 

At Flynn Systems, we designed our onTAP system to be a highly efficient boundary scan test tool that combines the best in boundary scan with that of JTAG to produce the best product. We have partnered with companies around the world to deliver them the best in boundary scan products. We would love the opportunity to work with you and show why our system is your ideal solution.