3 Benefits of Boundary Scan

Apr 15, 2021

In the world of every evolving and changing technology, boundary scan has played a large part in getting new items to the market. Boundary scan was created in an effort to make accessibility to testing multiple boards with a single system. To help you better understand why you should make the switch to boundary scan and JTAG technology, we will be looking at 3 benefits of boundary scan. 

  1. Less Test Time- Boundary scan uses a divide and conquer approach to testing which balances with the amount of time that it takes to load and unload the test itself to the chain. Since the test takes a multiple strand approach, the actual testing time during the diagnostic stage may be reduced. Diagnosing structural problems becomes faster since they can be traced to a particular pin instead of a larger section of the board. 
  2. Cost Reduction- In comparison to the bed-of-nails form of testing, boundary scan technology is significantly less expensive. JTAG can handle a larger test load at a more rapid pace increasing overall production. Additionally, it can be reused at various levels, chip, board, and system making it cost effective for businesses of various sizes. 
  3. Gets the Product to Market Faster- Compared to testing methods of the past, the JTAG test tool products on the current market are incredibly fast. Since less time is spent on testing and fixing any problems that may occur, an engineer can then move the part more quickly onto the next step. This increase in productivity leads to greater advances in technology at a more rapid pace. 

To keep up with the demands for new technology, boundary scan has proven to be an incredibly effective solution to circuit board testing and increasing production time and therefore value. At Flynn Systems our boundary scan test software is an ideal product for businesses who are looking to stay competitive on the current market. Not only do we offer excellent pricing and outstanding customer support, we also offer a free 30 trial of our onTAP System, a complete JTAG and boundary scan solution.