Exploring the field of Electronic Engineering

Jan 27, 2021

Engineering has many different branches that students can expand into as they complete their college degrees and begin searching in the field for a position. Within the world of electric engineering is the smaller yet essential area of electronic engineering. 

This area of study can be found at universities like USC and the University of Idaho. Graduates from these programs design, develop and innovate means of communication in every industry, many focusing on computer hardware and software. The demand for experts in hardware has only increased in the last decade, with tech companies always trying to be ahead of others. Constant innovation requires different perspectives and minds to continually push the boundaries of technology. 

With technology being in every field, electric engineers can find themselves working in different capacities. Some may be drawing sketches of new facilities or preparing production costs and management. Many work on designing the products themselves for the industrial, software, or medical fields. Being able to design electronic products and components also means they need the ability to quickly and easily test them. Products like boundary scan testing software need to be readily available at an affordable price.

In addition to being able to create new products, investigating currently used equipment is another part of the job. Hardware, software, manufacturing components and more are always reaching new heights. It is up to the engineer to document the products and make the right recommendations to the company. If something needs to be updated or if another employee has a question, they need to be able to either have the answer or have the means to find out. Curiosity and practical knowledge are two essential characteristics of electronics engineers. 

The application of this field is found in items we use in our everyday lives that we may not even realize such as our car computers, televisions, and wireless headphones. It even crosses into radio with applications like proscan software. Groups like the IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, recognize the accomplishments of members within the broad field of electrical and electronics engineering.