January 30, 2018

What Tools Do You Need for JTAG Boundary Scans?

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Understanding boundary scans means you need to understand the tools used when performing them. Take a look at our quick guide to boundary scan tools and make sure you have all you need.

JTAG Device

This refers to the device being tested during the boundary scan. Any device that is JTAG enabled will have information about the JTAG on the BDSL files. These files are necessary for understanding how to connect the boundary scan tools and what the proper output of the JTAG device should be. You will use the boundary scan tools to make sure the pins in the JTAG device are working as expected.

Boundary Scan Cell

This is a cell within a JTAG-enabled device that performs the physical functions of a boundary scan test. The boundary scan cell is designed to transfer data directly to and from pins. This allows you to see if a pin is able to send or receive data during your boundary scan test. A JTAG-enabled device will often have multiple boundary scan cells in a chain, called a boundary scan chain. It is possible to test multiple chains at one time with specialized boundary scan boards.

Boundary Scan Software

Software is required to send the test signals through the boundary scan chains to discover if each individual cell and pin in the chain is working correctly. The software is what the end user sees to control the test signals and collect data. From here, the data can be compiled in a user-friendly way so that you can know what to do with the test results. The boundary scan software will often be preloaded onto a JTAG test controller. This controller connects the computer running the software to the JTAG-enabled device being tested.

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January 30, 2018