Calling Inspector Gadget

Mar 18, 2014

flynn-inspectorIt’s the return of the Gadget Smackdown, brought to you by EE Live!  This year, the SMACKDOWN takes place April 1–3 in the EE Times Fantastical Theater of Engineering Innovation at the San Jose convention Center, where the EE Live! Conference and Expo is being held.

The presser for this event encourages anyone who loves to “dream up, code, wire, solder, hammer, and glue together weird electronic inventions of your own creation at night and on the weekends” to participate. It sounds like a great time and great venue to show off all the creativity that engineering has to offer. Bonus: the audience is the judging panel and the winner is selected based on readings from a digital applause-o-meter, which “itself will be entered into the competition by its developer.”

As we’re sure the SMACKDOWN will show, innovative engineering projects are constantly in the works. We may not have a jump on the Gadget SMACKDOWN entrants, but we are dedicated to the engineering philosophy of providing useful, productive, reliable product tests with our onTAP Boundary Scan Software. Let us partner with you on your next boundary scan project.

Check out the Gadget SMACKDOWN here:

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