September 10, 2013

Boundary Scan Test Fault Insertion

Flynn Systems Corporation

Flynn Systems provides the best JTAG boundary scan test software with their onTAP series 4000 with ProScan

Use this function to:
  • Check the fault coverage of your test for a specific fault condition.
  • Insert an open fault without modifying your board or test fixture.
  • Validate that your test is working as expected.
How to Insert Faults
1. Create a file FaultInsert.txt in your test project directory.
2. Add fault declarations to the FaultInsert.txt file as shown below. A sample file with syntax examples can be found in the /onTAP program directory.
open u6.15;
// pin will be open to all signals
open u9.12,u12.8;
// multiple pins will fail to capture other pins’ signals
stucklow u6.18;
// pin and net are stuck low
stucklow u20.a5;
// all pins on net ADDR14 will be measured low
short u3.8 u2.10;
// shorts nets of pins in list, low values prevail.
drivelow u17.6;
// always drive pin to a low value
drivehigh u13.18;
// always drive pin to a high value
drivez u7.a2;
// always drive pin to a high impedance
measurelow u20.9;
measurehigh u67.3;
3. Run the project’s SVF file from the onTAP Test Screen.
When onTAP detects a FaultInsert.txt file in your project folder, it posts a message so that when you run the the test, diagnostic messages corresponding to the inserted fault expressions are displayed.

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September 10, 2013