May 20, 2012

Boundary Scan Software Evaluation Download

Flynn Systems Corporation

Thank you for your interest in onTAP Boundary Scan software.  Please download and install onTAP Boundary Scan Software on your target machine.  Once you install onTAP, open and run the software.  This will generate a license.txt file, which is found in the …\Flynn Systems Corp\onTAP folder.  Please copy this file and e-mail it to  We will activate your license and return a complete onTAP Boundary Scan Software Evaluation.  We will also e-mail you with instructions on how to install and start developing tests with onTAP Boundary Scan Software.

Please click the “Download Now” button below to continue with the download.

Current build 4851. Updated February 14, 2022.


Drag and Drop for cluster model association (Flash, Memory, and other non-JTAG devices)!

ShowMe! Finally, accurate pin-level diagnostics for memory cluster test debugging!


·        onTAP builds 4217 and later include Microsoft Visual Studio redistributable DLLs in installation package so that onTAP should run without the MS redistributable. However, if there are DLL complaints when loading onTAP, please run the MS redistributable at this link:


Please click here to learn more about our Turnkey Boundary Scan Solutions

“This [BLADE Network Research] is the second company I’ve used onTAP at, I’ve been using it for 3 or 4 years. Other vendors I’ve used tended to dismiss my problems or suggest a work around that just hides the problem. Lately I’ve been letting Flynn develop our applications because I just don’t have the time.  That’s another option if you need a boundary scan test but have way too many other testing details to sort out.” F. Roberts ‘Test Engineer’ Blade Network Research

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May 20, 2012