August 23, 2010

Boundary Scan that Fits Your Budget

Flynn Systems Corporation

Flynn Systems provides the best JTAG boundary scan test software with their onTAP series 4000 with ProScan

I thought it was important to post something about onTAP being the perfect boundary scan solution for any JTAG user, but especially those in budget critical situations after some weekend reading brought me across a couple of articles in Electronics Weekly about boundary scan useage and budgetary demands.  One article from April 28, 2010 titled Boundary Scan on a Budget ( and another June 29, 2010 article Agilent gets serious about JTAG test describe how users are seeing an increased use of boundary scan brings down costs.  However,  the article fails to point out any real costs or even estimated costs for boundary scan tools.  We all know that this stuff isn’t inexpensive, but how much can one expect to pay?  With onTAP, you will receive a complete boundary scan system for under $15,000. Read on for more details.

As you may already be aware, onTAP regularly competes with all the other boundary scan vendors, world-wide, and wins.  In many cases, other boundary scan customers are the same as onTAP customers.  In many other cases, onTAP has been selected to replace other boundary scan systems because of the great value and support it delivers, at a substantially lower cost, thus enabling more widespread deployment.

While the other systems are sold piecemeal, onTAP is an all inclusive netlist based boundary scan system that enables users to develop and run automated interconnect tests, debug the tests using ProScan, the built-in graphical debug environment, capture pin-level diagnostic messages, view reports and edit tests.  IEEE 1149.1 and 1149.6 compliant, onTAP also automatically accounts for AC coupled circuits.  Moreover, onTAP enables users to develop and run reliable, reusable memory cluster tests, program flash and control I2C buses.  There is a built-in library of buffers, resistors, and transceivers, while more complex models are kept in our library. Our models are developed free of charge and can be customized to a user’s particular needs.  All models are completely reusable across different projects and just as importantly, offer great flexibility making it simple to tailor to a particular user’s needs.
The models are written in a C-like language called DTS, a legacy of Flynn Systems’ GenRad and Automatic Test Generation roots, and are easily edited by any user with a simple working knowledge of C and the accompaniment of the DTS Programming Manual.
That, in a nut-shell is onTAP.  So, what makes it attractive for the value-seeking user?  A complete onTAP Boundary Scan system is at least 20% less the lowest cost comparable product and we offer a 30 Day no obligation evaluation.   The average cost of a complete onTAP Boundary Scan System, including a dual channel HighSpeed USB JTAG controller is under $15,000 USD.

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Flynn Systems Corporation

August 23, 2010


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