May 14, 2010

onTAP Supports IEEE 1149.6!

Flynn Systems Corporation

As we have promised our users, Flynn Systems continues to develop and add new features to onTAP Boundary Scan Software.  These new features vastly improve onTAP’s capability, enabling onTAP users to do more with less.  We had been developing support for IEEE 1149.6 for several months, and at the end of April, we were able to fully implement the IEEE 1149.6 standard into the current version of onTAP.  It has been rigorously field tested, and we are proud to release it to our user community. Please download the newest version of onTAP, and feel free to begin developing truly complete, robust JTAG tests for your projects with IEEE 1149.6 capability.

onTAP Boundary Scan Software Now Supports IEEE 1149.6

NASHUA, NH May 14, 2010 – Flynn Systems Corp is proud to announce the latest version of onTAP is IEEE 1149.6 compliant. The implementation of IEEE 1149.6 greatly enhances onTAP’s scope and capability, while delivering more JTAG test coverage and power to current and interested onTAP users.
According to Ryan Flynn, onTAP Marketing Manager, “As Xilinx and Altera begin to implement IEEE 1149.6 protocols in their latest designs, including the Virtex 6 and Aria GX devices (respectively), it was increasingly important for us to enable onTAP users with every bit of capability so they could harness the full test potential of these new devices and implement them into their designs. onTAP’s IEEE 1149.6 implementation has been field tested in very intense and rigorous applications with Intel. Intel’s success has been a heck of proving ground for onTAP.”
As implementation of IEEE 1149.1 and 1149.X Boundary Scan testing becomes more widespread, greater flexibility, faster speeds, and smoother operation are needed. Flynn Systems’ commitment to its Customers has always been to keep onTAP a live software by continuing to support, develop, and enhance onTAP tools that capitalize on JTAG test capability. The 1149.6 implementation is another demonstration of Flynn’s commitment to its user base.
onTAP’s new update expands users’ test capabilities, flexibility, and further enhances test fault coverage in a number of ways. Most apparent is the productivity gain achieved by testing to both IEEE 1149.1 and IEEE 1149.6 standards. The IEEE 1149.6 feature enables users to test AC Coupled circuits and differential pairs to the industry standard protocol. Adding these two elements to a test not only increases test fault coverage, but also creates a more robust and reliable test by incorporating additional aspects of the board in the test.
Flynn Systems continues its pursuit of delivering cost-effective, complete, robust JTAG test and programming software packages with attentive and dedicated technical support to its current users and anyone interested in a feature-rich, high-value complete JTAG solution at a reasonable price.
About Flynn Systems:
Flynn Systems began delivering Automatic Test Generation Solutions to the ATE market as FS-ATG in 1986. In late 1999, they transitioned to the boundary scan market with onTAP and have provided test, debug, and programming solutions for the boundary scan test standard (JTAG IEEE 1149.1) for over ten years. Their onTAP software package is designed for completely automated boundary scan testing for devices of all levels of complexity on printed circuit boards (PCB) and non-boundary scan devices interacting with the scan enabled devices. onTAP’s functionality also includes the capability to program FLASH devices using only the onTAP USB Test and Programming Cable (HighSpeed included). Flynn Systems Corp. provides high level test suites and the highest fault coverage available with a powerful ATG engine: all backed by fast, responsive technical support. Its satisfied customers include Intel, Qualcom, Harris RF, Benchmark Electronics, Raytheon, L-3 Communications, Cadence Design, Teradyne, Checkpoint Systems, Ulticom, and University of Arizona. Flynn Systems’ onTAP provides boundary scan services for university research, avionics, defense systems, consumer goods, and medical electronics. It is based in New Hampshire with distributors and partners in Europe and Asia.
Those interested are invited to download a free 30 day evaluation software package with full technical support available at

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May 14, 2010


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