November 9, 2009

JTAG.TECT Delivers onTAP to Russian Customers

Flynn Systems Corporation
Flynn Systems – StarTest Technology Partnership Press Release
Flynn Systems and StarTest, along with their subsidiary JTAG.TECT (, have established a strategic relationship making JTAG.TECT the authorized Flynn Systems’ onTAP Boundary Scan Solutions dealer in Russia and countries of the former USSR. JTAG.TECT bundles onTAP Boundary Scan Solutions with their JTAG test solutions and services and provides complete JTAG tutorial and customer consulting, DFT and JTAG test program development support for onTAP. Flynn Systems has also integrated StarTest‘s JTAG hardware and software environment with the JTAG test and programming tools of the onTAP Boundary Scan Series 4000.Current and potential customers of onTAP Boundary Scan Solutions, and onTAP Series 4000 are able to use some of StarTest‘s hardware and software solutions (DIMM/SODIMM External Modules, TAP Distributor and Bridge-For-Testability hardware tools, Operator Fault Spotlight software tool), as built-in features of the onTAP Boundary Scan Solution, usable throughout the users’ product lifecycle, including volume manufacturing and in-the-field troubleshooting and repair.
StarTest Ltd. ( is a leading developer and supplier of JTAG test solutions in Israel across all hardware levels, including device, board, and system. StarTest is a team of test experts and engineers with more than 70 years of combined worldwide experience. StarTestserves as a JTAG and In-System Test (ICT) support supplier for:

Design-For-Testability (DFT) analysis and checking the DFT compliance of customer’s design before board layout and on all stages of the product lifecycle
JTAG (Boundary Scan) test program development, including on-board programming of CPLD, FPGA, flash, I2C, with different tools and platforms
ICT test program development for the Teradyne Z18xx testers with full test process support on the customer production facility

Flynn Systems Corp.( has provided test, debug, and programming solutions for the Boundary Scan test standard (JTAG IEEE 1149.1) for over ten years. Their onTAP software package delivers completely automated Boundary Scan testing for devices of all levels of complexity on printed circuit boards (PCB) and non-Boundary Scan devices interacting with the scan enabled devices. onTAP’s functionality also includes the capability to program flash devices using only the onTAP USB Test and Programming Cable. Flynn Systems Corp. provides high level test suites and the highest fault coverage available with a powerful ATG engine: all backed by fast, responsive technical support.  Its satisfied customers include Intel, Qualcomm, Harris RF, Benchmark Electronics, Raytheon, L-3 Communications, Cadence Design, Teradyne, Checkpoint Systems, Ulticom, and University of Arizona.  Flynn Systems’ onTAP provides Boundary Scan services for university research, avionics, defense systems, consumer goods, and medical electronics.  It is based in New Hampshire with distributors and partners in Europe and in the Middle East.

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Flynn Systems Corporation

November 9, 2009