September 15, 2009

Boundary Scan Test Hardware: onTAP JTAG Controller–30MHz Dual Channel USB Test and Programming Controller

Flynn Systems Corporation

Flynn Systems provides the best JTAG boundary scan test software with their onTAP series 4000 with ProScan


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Flynn Systems Corp.
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Flynn Systems Releases new HighSpeed USB JTAG Test and Programming Controller for onTAP® Boundary Scan Software


NASHUA, NH September 16, 2009 – Flynn Systems Corporation announces the release of its USB Dual Channel 30MHz HighSpeed Test and Programming Controller for Boundary Scan applications. The HighSpeed Contoller is the newest tool in the suite of hardware components to accompany onTAP® Series 4000 with ProScan®.

As implementation of IEEE 1149.1 and 1149.X Boundary Scan testing becomes more widespread, greater flexibility, faster speeds, and smoother operation are needed.  This onTAP controller offers two independent 30MHz channels, helpful both for cutting Flash programming times and running multi-JTAG chain configurations. Each JTAG port self-adjusts to the target voltage reference or to an adjustable internal voltage reference.

Flynn Systems’ onTAP® software supports running multiple dual-channel cables for applications having more than two JTAG chains. In addition, the onTAP JTAG Controller can be used with the onTAP Serializer & GPIO boards.

The release of the onTAP High Speed Controller demonstrates Flynn Systems’ commitment to continue delivering flexible and innovative tools that expand productivity, increase test and programming speed and capability, and improve usability and quality in boundary scan testing.

Expect to see more from Flynn Systems in Q3 and Q4 of 2009 as they continue to provide designers and manufacturers of digital circuitry and the boundary scan community at large effective, productive, complete boundary scan test and programming tools at affordable prices.


About Flynn Systems:


Flynn Systems has provided test, debug, and programming solutions for the boundary scan test standard (JTAG IEEE 1149.1) for over ten years.  Their onTAP software package is designed for completely automated boundary scan testing for devices of all levels of complexity on printed circuit boards (PCB) and non-boundary scan devices interacting with the scan enabled devices.  onTAP’s functionality also includes the capability to program FLASH devices using only the onTAP USB Test and Programming Cable. Flynn Systems Corp. provides high level test suites and the highest fault coverage available with a powerful ATG engine: all backed by fast, responsive technical support.  It has satisfied customers including Intel, Qualcom, Harris RF, Benchmark Electronics, Raytheon, L-3 Communications, Cadence Design, Teradyne, Checkpoint Systems, Ulticom, and University of Arizona.  Flynn Systems’ onTAP provides JTAG boundary scan services for university research, avionics, defense systems, consumer goods, and medical electronics.  It is based in New Hampshire with distributors and partners in Europe.


Those interested are invited to download a free 30 day evaluation software package with full technical support available at

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September 15, 2009