August 13, 2009

Expand Your Boundary Scan Tests: Tap Serializer and GPIO is Here

Flynn Systems Corporation
Flynn Systems is pleased to unveil its newest hardware tool for boundary scan/JTAG testing: The onTAP Serializer and GPIO board. The onTAP Serializer and GPIO Board is a true “utility board” for the simple organization and execution of multiple boundary scan chains and applications.  This board is designed for testing, programming, and debugging up to four chains per Serializer and GPIO Board by providing four JTAG taps that receive either a ribbon cable or flying lead link from the user’s target board(s).  This enables users to easily test and program multiple boards with individualized tests for each unit under test (UUT).

The Serializer and GPIO board can also be daisy chained to another Serializer and GPIO Board, further expanding test capability.

Furthermore, the onTAP Serializer and GPIO board provides 196 easily accessible CPLD based drive and capture points to expand your debug capability.

With this new tool for onTAP, boundary scan users with the need to test, debug, and/or program multiple applications at once now have a cost effective, flexible, organized means for implementing and executing their boundary scan test strategy.

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boundary scan tap serializer and GPIO for JTAG test - Flynn Systems

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Flynn Systems Corporation

August 13, 2009