March 17, 2009

onTAP Managing Differential I/O Pairs

Flynn Systems Corporation

To manually specify differential pairs, proceed through test development, to the SETTINGS PAGE and click the Identify Differential Pairs button.

OnTAP Setting Differential Pairs for JTAG Testing - Flynn Systems

Automatic Detection

Identify Differential Pair Signals for JTAG test

onTAP automatically recognizes and accounts for differential I/O pairs as they are declared in the BSDL.

Specify Differential I/O Manually

If your application does not declare differential I/O pins in the BSDL file, you can declare them within onTAP prior to test generation so that they are properly controlled in the test vectors.

ID Transmit and Receive Differential I/O

Follow the on-screen instruction on the Create Differential Signals page and Transmitter and Receiver Pins page.

onTAP stores the differential I/O pin declarations in DiffPairsList.txt so that you can also edit the file with your preferred text editor. We recommend TextPad.

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March 17, 2009