February 6, 2009

ProScan Increases Visibility

Flynn Systems Corporation

Flynn Systems onTAP boundary scan software delivers the best value, and best service.Flynn Systems is excited to introduce you to ProScan: the brand new power-packed, graphical debug tool that increases visibility into tests, increases accuracy of debug efforts, increases productivity, and reduces the overall time you’ll spend developing and launching your new products.  Use ProScan to increase visibility in prototyping and manufacturing of your PCBs.

Developed specifically for onTAP Series 4000, ProScan is a single screen, graphical debug environment that enables you to run all of your onTAP tests and read precise, built-in pin-level diagnostic messages that lead you straight to the failures.  The ProScan screen is overlaid on the netlist(s), showing you the details you need: test program, nets and pins, guards, vectors, drive values, expected capture values, and actual capture values all in one easy to read, easy to navigate screen.

When you run a project from ProScan, the pin-level diagnostic messages lead  you to the failures, you are then granted pin-level access for basic functions such as single-stepping through faults and pin-wiggling to advanced functions enabling you to change critical inputs such as setting guards, setting pins as safe or putting them in by-pass mode, and setting flags on pins.  After making the necessary changes, save, re-compile, and re-run your test from the ProScan screen.  This eliminates the need to switch between debugging and development environments.

ProScan’s graphical debug environment coupled with its powerful features is bound to improve your boundary scan experience.

Learn more about the benefits of ProScan!

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Flynn Systems Corporation

February 6, 2009


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