November 15, 2008

Flynn Systems Announces upgraded Boundary Scan Tools: onTAP Series 4000

Flynn Systems Corporation

Flynn Systems provides the best in JTAG Boundary scan test software for your company.

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Flynn Systems Corp.
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Navigating the Scan Path to Higher Fault Coverage
NASHUA, NH August 15, 2008 – Flynn Systems Corp’s onTAP Series 4000 featuring their newest tool, ProScan, boosts fault coverage and increases visibility for Boundary Scan/JTAG 1149.1 testing through increased automation and graphical interfaces. By tapping its roots as a leader in Automatic Test Pattern Generation, Flynn Systems has seamlessly integrated ATPG for boundary scan circuits with ATPG algorithms for complex networks of non-scan circuits, such as logic elements, buffers, transceivers, and resistor networks that often lie between boundary scan pins.
“The goal is to exploit JTAG testing to achieve maximum fault coverage in addition to Flash programming and configuration tasks,” says Hank Flynn, CEO of Flynn Systems Corp. Like so many new features added to onTAP, Flynn’s introduction of the upgraded ATPG was a direct result of meeting customer needs. “Even if a tool has the capability to provide high fault coverage, when too much user intervention is required, chances are fault coverage goals will never be achieved. It’s clear that increased automation throughout the test prep experience is the key.” Says Flynn.
 “When talking and meeting with customers, I recognized how easily fault coverage could be sacrificed in test preparation whenever the development software was not sufficiently helpful or too much user intervention was required. Development and test engineers are busy folks, so we had to make all aspects of boundary scan test development easy to use and understand and provide a software package that facilitates use of complex tools. This is where onTAP Series 4000 really opens doors.”
onTAP Series 4000 is a fully automated, netlist-based, boundary scan test, debug, and programming product. onTAP automatically initializes its ATPG algorithm to access a comprehensive library of models for non-scan devices, allowing it to manage and in effect to test through these devices. The user need only provide the BSDL files for the boundary scan/JTAG parts, and the netlist for the PCB. To make this process easier, Flynn Systems Corp. offers over 24 translators for popular CAD-based netlist formats, such as Allegro, EDIF, PADS, and OrCad. The test results are compiled into industry standard Serial Vector Format (SVF) files and supplementary diagnostic files used to provide pin-level diagnostic messages. 
onTAP Series 4000 is part of a new series of testing and design tools from Flynn Systems offering greater flexibility, more automation and a more intuitive interface for novice boundary scan test users and experts alike. Keep your eyes open for more advances in ease-of-use functionality from Flynn Systems this year.
About Flynn Systems:
Flynn Systems has provided test, debug, and programming solutions for the boundary scan test standard (JTAG IEEE 1149.1) for over ten years. Their onTAP software package is designed for completely automated boundary scan testing for devices of all levels of complexity on printed circuit boards (PCB) and non-boundary scan devices interacting with the scan enabled devices. onTAP’s functionality also includes the capability to program FLASH enabled devices using only the onTAP USB Test and Programming Cable. Flynn Systems Corp. provides high level test suites and the highest fault coverage available with a powerful ATG engine: all backed by fast, responsive technical support.  Its satisfied customers include Intel, Qualcom, Harris RF, Benchmark Electronics, Raytheon, L-3 Communications, Cadence Design, Stanford Linear Accelerator, Teradyne, Checkpoint Systems, Ulticom, and University of Arizona. Flynn Systems’ onTAP provides boundary scan services for university research, avionics, defense systems, consumer goods, and medical electronics. It is based in New Hampshire with distributors and partners in Europe.
Those interested are invited to download a free 30 day evaluation software package with full technical support available at

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