November 13, 2008

Memory Testing and FLASH Programming

Flynn Systems Corporation


Wendy Harrison
Flynn Systems Corp.
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Flynn Systems now offers Flash Programming and memory test on C-Like Models

onTAP® Now Has Memory Test and FLASH Programming

Nashua, NH – September 13, 2004 — In a move that extends the power of its popular programming cable-based boundary scan test software, Flynn Systems announces the immediate availability of memory test and Flash programming, based on reusable C-like models.
With its very high-end set of features, onTAP is targeted toward test and design engineers wishing to test boards designed with JTAG devices as well as memory, Flash, and other non-JTAG parts. In support of Flash programming, Flynn Systems is also announcing availability of up to 10 MHz clock rates when running the Xilinx Programming Cable IV.
onTAP’s rich feature set provides an intuitive user interface that guides new and experienced users alike through test development and flash programming. onTAP boasts a robust ATPG engine that offers test development and run time licenses, BSDL syntax verification, pin-level diagnostics, plus testability reporting. onTAP supports a full battery of IEEE 1149.1 tests including TAP, interconnect, shorts, opens, bus-wire, resistors, INTEST, flash and memory device ‘cluster’ testing, and ISP programming.
Working from BSDL files and CAD board netlists, onTAP generates high fault coverage JTAG tests in Serial Vector Format (SVF) with extensions that provide precise pin-level diagnostic resolution. Tests execute through the user’s PC parallel port via inexpensive, industry standard JTAG programming cables available from Altera, Flynn Systems, Insight Electronics, Lattice, and Xilinx.
“There is a huge demand for effective low-cost, boundary-scan test tools,” says Wendy Harrison, Flynn Systems Director of Marketing and Sales. “With more and more JTAG-compliant chips to choose from, EDA tools to design with, and loss of test points to deal with, the need for more affordably-priced test software is accelerating rapidly,” she added. “With onTAP, we intend to stay ahead of the curve by providing high-end functionality at low-end prices.”
onTAP Availability and Licensing
onTAP, with enhanced C-like cluster test models with flash programming, is available immediately. It supports all standard Windows platforms: NT/2000/XP. Licensing includes development and run time licenses for individual PCs as well as portable licenses.
(onTAP is a registered trademark of Flynn Systems.
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