February 9, 2008

Best JTAG Solutions, Best Value for 10 years

Flynn Systems Corporation
In 1986 Hank Flynn set out to create a business and a product that would provide design, test, and manufacturing engineers a cost-effective, reliable solution with first class technical support for ATG Vector tests.  That was the birth of Flynn Systems FS-ATG.  It was widely received, and is still used around the world.  A lot has changed in the test world over the past 22 years.  Namely the creation, development, implementation and popularity of the IEEE 1149 standard.Flynn Systems shifted its focus towards IEEE 1149 JTAG/Boundary Scan 10 years ago, and has been developing onTAP with the same basic business model that made FS-ATG so successful: develop a solid, robust, reliable product with the best possible (read responsive and attentive) technical support possible, and provide it to our customers for the price we think is the most fair.

After 10 years of working with our loyal and dedicated customers, Flynn Systems is proud to release onTAP Series 4000 with ProScan, the all new graphical JTAG test debug environment.  onTAP Series 4000, like previous versions, is available to our customers as a complete boundary scan/JTAG test development and debug tool for under $10,000.00.  We don’t sell it in parcels, driving up the cost to you.  We beleive this is a fair and honest price at a great value to everyone who needs a boundary scan test solution.

You can rest assured that Flynn Systems continues to develop new features and tools for onTAP, and sees this as vital to providing the best possible product for our customers.  If you don’t believe us, check out Test and Measurement World‘s Finalists for the 2009 Best in Test. 

We’re proud to have been serving our industry for 10 years, and look forward to many more.  Please check back frequently to learn more about what’s onTAP!

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Flynn Systems Corporation

February 9, 2008


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